Real Estate


Receive a custom and educational real-estate website that is 100% responsive and built with one goal in mind: to grow your business and increase sales. 

We like to consider our in-house web developers the geniuses with bright minds who can turn a simple business into a web empire. At Choose Us, we provide a personal collection of various web development consulting services such as: 

Creating responsive web-based solutions.

  • Mobile and web-friendly website designs accentuate your real-estate agency’s best side.
  • Reliable hosting that offers maximum uptime and makes sure that your website is always accessible.



When it comes to web design, we get the whole team working on it. Why? We like to collaborate and communicate about what the best possible outcome is for you and your clientele. 

We step into the shoes of your clients to ask those critical questions like: 

  • Would you trust this team with selling your home or property? 
  • Would you trust this team with renting a property?
  • Would you trust this team with purchasing a property? 
  • Would you be a return client?
  • Each of us in the Choose Us team has a selection of creative skills and talents that we use as our engine to design, create, and publish your website suitable to any device while looking like a work of digital art. 

"Every website lead is a chance for a listing to be seen, connect with existing and potential clients."


Regardless of how many properties you sell a year, search engine optimization (SEO) must be a part of your digital marketing strategy. Almost 90% of buyers, sellers, and renters begin with an online search. 

Does your real estate agency rank first on Google search when keywords are entered? 

If the answer is no, you are missing out on potential leads from competitors. Our SEO services will establish a long-term and sustainable lead generation for your real estate agency by actioning three essential aspects of SEO:

  • – Improve keyword rankings on major search engines.
    – Drive more traffic to your website.
    – Improve lead to close conversion rates.


Social Media Marketing is an essential aspect of marketing. Potential and existing leads are constantly on social media platforms. It is best to join them. 

If you are not active on social media, it can give the impression that your real estate agency is behind the times. 

When consumers seek a service or product, they conduct web searches, seek reviews, and head to social media for advice. Use this to your advantage by being the go-to hub for all things real estate with valuable tips, articles, and staying active on social media through industry-relevant posts. 

Your efforts on social media will have a profound impact on your search engine optimization efforts. Sharing helpful information via social media will help establish you as an authority in your field.

Using social media, you are demonstrating your commitment and credibility to real estate enthusiasts, buyers, sellers, and renters. 

Creating a strong company presence through social media helps you connect socially online and increases website traffic. 

Our team at CHOOSE US DIGITAL AGENCY would be more than happy to help you with this. We offer social media and content creation services that will help you stand out from the rest. 


If a content marketing strategy is effective, creative, and engaging, expect a substantial increase in user interaction with your real estate agency. It doesn’t stop there; once you get their attention, you must communicate and interact with leads and users on your posts, videos and articles. 

While building a positive and active reputation online, create content that will demonstrate your brand’s authority in your industry. 

We pride ourselves on being A-Z content creators. We offer professional photography and videography for your real-estate agency.