Facebook ads, particularly for medical practices is an innovative way of today to reach and target patients that are local to your practice.

Facebook ads are aimed specifically to users based on their demographic, location and profile information. Many options that Facebook have are exclusive to Facebook.

  • Promote high volume content- we encourage medical practices to promote high traffic content that stems from their business website. For example, you could post FAQs on what you specialise in or how to over come different seasons and looking after your health in the interim. Once we action the creative schedule of what your posts and ads should we reflect, we boost and run the ads based around this content to reach active leads in your local community.
Facebook Ads for Plastic Surgeons

Generate patient leads using Facebook Ads

  • Maximising all engagement ads with a potential offer or sale- offering a free consultation online will not only give you the leads name, contact number and email, it can also help you determine your lead’s interests which means you can further consider how you can tailor services through Facebook engagement.

Gain customer trust, Increase Brand Awareness!

  • Video and image post ads- utilising testimonials is a prominent way of offering new clients references from existing patients. This is what makes your online footprint organic with users who are engaging with your Facebook page and posts.

Before spending any money on Facebook ads, you need to come up with an action plan. Our team is here to learn the ins and the outs of your practice.